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Crysand Consulting is a Human Resource consulting firm, specializing in developing, coaching and retaining your present workforce. In difficult economic times, it makes sense to support and develop present employees. Over time, we can help your company retain, develop and improve your workforce, for less than the cost of recruiting new key employees, supervisors, managers or directors. 

The consultants of Crysand Consulting have found that the quality of the product made or service we delivered is dependent upon the quality and health of the on-going relationships of our people. For that reason, Crysand Consulting helps companies with the people side of business.

The Crysand Difference:

  • We concentrate on effecting change by changing from the in-side out.
  • We teach the leadership and interpersonal skills required to build healthy, respectful relationships with both internal and external customers.
  • We provide follow up services, to ensure application of our leadership and interpersonal skills programs to the job (using our Participant Action Plan Approach).
  • We provide assistance to individuals we coach in developing action plans that also serve as documentation of progress.

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